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Sunshine Nudist Club News

We really need a volunteer to keep this page updated

The Halloween party was a huge success, 112 couples came and every one had a goodtime trying to figure out who was who.  It is surprising how much we rely on facial features to identify someone even when the rest of the body is in full view.   First prize for the best mask went to Rachel C.  The second prize went to her husband Carl.  Many thanks go to the bartenders and the Band who worked hard and even decided to get into the festivities by working in the buff.
We have secured a lodge at a ski resort in the Rockies for our November get-together. Every one will be happy to know that we will have an indoor heated pool for our exclusive use. You will not be required to make a run in the buff as some have suggested.  Invitations and details will be sent out this week.      Update - We now have a new club - The Blue Balls Club. To qualify you must make at least three runs in one day wearing only a jacket and boots.  The heated pool was definitely the highlight of this get together.
Our Christmas party went smoothly but we are sorry that so few of you could attend.  We tried to set a date that didn't conflict with most peoples travel plans.  But that's a tough thing to do.  Christmas is for spending time with family first and parting second.  But no excuses next month.
We are still trying to put together a weekend cruise for February.  We have several vessel options.  Every one was send an email to find out how many will attend.    Update  If you have not booked for the cruise, it is now full and you can only get in if some one cancels.
March is Bike week at Myrtle Beach Every one even those who don't ride seemed to enjoy the beach.   The guys are either working too much or are just the sorriest bunch of golfers ever seen.  You can be sure that the women will not ever let you forget that you lost.   Could it be that playing in the buff is more than you can handle
April was difficult, some times no matter how hard we try somthing goes wrong.  That was the case this month when the resort we leased was forced to close.  With less that a weeks notice we were able to put together several different lodging packages. Unfortunatly  none where we could have closed facilities for our members.  Those of that decided to come anyway were rewarded with a good soak in the hot springs even if you had to wear bathing suits
It was like old home week for some of us this month. On our way to the Outerbanks many of us stopped by ECU where our club began over twenty years ago.  It was nice to see that the Attic is still rocking after all these years.  There is nothing in world as nice as setting on the porch and listening to the waves roll in.  We were very fornanute  to be able to find two ocean front houses beside each other that would accomadate everyone.  I would like to personally thank Andy and Dave for handling the seafood cookout.