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The Sunshine Nudist Club is a non-landed nudist - swingers club. We hold our monthly, couples only events at privately leased facilities worldwide.


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Open Letter

In the short period that we have had this web page up we have gotten some interesting letters.  The vast majority of the letters have been hugely supportive. However there appears to be a few  individuals who are upset that we are combining the terms nudist and swinger. Can you be a swinger and also be a nudist?  Yes!  Can you be a nudist and also be a swinger. Yes you can!  Most of the members of the Sunshine Nudist Club are also members of other family style nudist groups or have been at some point in their lives.  But the adults need some play time for themselves.  There are some activities that are just not appropriate  at a family style nudist club, on that we agree.  But we don't sponsor family style events!  What amazes us the most is how a group of individuals that asks for tolerance and understanding of their lifestyle can be so intolerant of others.   Think about it folks have you ever been to an all adult social? Have you ever been to a family event?   Neither one was wrong.  No, they were just different!

Again to the majority who have been hugely supportive - THANKS!!!





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